Monthly Archives: April 2016

Tantric Massage is not a counselling session

I am constantly surprised by heterosexual female practitioners offering this experience to heterosexual women. To me it appears to be a deep misunderstanding of sexuality bodyworks. There are many ways sexuality can be addressed – psychology, Tantra workshops, counselling, educative media – where, indeed, a woman helping a woman makes sense in a “me too”

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Tantric meditation one

Be seated comfortably with your spine straight, its ok to lean against something, the emphasis is to be in a relaxed easy posture without slumping the torso. You can be naked, wearing loose comfortable clothing, or if in a work suit you might loosen belts and ties, and after some practice do stage one in

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​I Got a Professional Vagina Massage

I’m here for a yoni massage (“yoni” is Sanskrit for “vagina”). The goal is not orgasm, but a stronger connection with one’s self, which, in theory, will translate to a better sex life. The masseuse claims the treatment will “activate the chi energy within the body to allow intuitive healing and release to happen.” Yoni

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