Massage Therapy, Healing, Nutrition & Ayurveda

How We Work
Every client is treated as unique ,and Lorettas Modern Ayurvedic Programmes -your own MAP to health is made to suit our individual health concerns or needs. This ranges from a bespoke wellness plan that starts with a 60-minute Ayurvedic health consultation, combining nutritional and lifestyle advice, detoxification to a specialised bespoke massage /healing teatment devised for you and your needs that day .
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The signature treatment is based on an intuitive therapeutic deep tissue massage combined with Ayurvedic techniques, Marma Therapy and healing to facilitate not only muscular release, but also to rebalance you at a deep physical and emotional level..The philosophy of Ayurveda and its treatments is to put you in touch with a deeper understanding within your own body, by removing stress to allow self-healing to take place.

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