Tantra massage a loving pleasure

A massage is one of the most pleasant and natural ways of bodily contact amongst people. It can relax you, calm you down and get rid of all the tension and stress of the working week. After a well done massage you can feel reborn. Nowadays hasty tempo is not very in favor of quality massages. A common massage parlor presents you a body cut into pieces usually back, neck, legs and hands; each one with a set price and time. Yet our body creates a total and if we are to relax during the massage, we certainly need more time to connect all our body. What is also important is tantra masseur or masseuse attitude. According to tantra teaching on energies feelings of the giver are transferred onto the receiver and so not only feelings but overall attitude is shared.

Tantra attitude is based on a full acceptance of what a man really is. Tantra perceives each man or a woman as a unique being; as an impersonation of the god Šiva or goddess Šakti. A man is perfect just the way he/she is. Tantra welcomes everything that happens in presence and does not push any further. It simply lets things flow. Only then a space for new experience opens up. When we feel no need to do anything, no pushing then comes a complete acceptance and safety of borders, that tantra massage gets by its ritual form. Then we can experience something new and different from whatever we have known so far.
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