Tantra massage as a spiritual path

Tantra massage in the world as a service on offer was discovered only recently, that is during past five to ten years; the roots go back to the times long before Christ when it played an important role in a contemporary society and has a deeply spiritual meaning. In the epos on Gilgamesh created 2000 years B.C. we find the first references on so called sacred prostitution. At the time most countries respected the goddess of love and fertility known various names. In Sumer it was called Inanna, in Babylon Ishtar, in Egypt Isis, in Lydia Cybele, the Romans knew her as Venus and Greeks as a beautiful Aphrodite. People would pray to them for fertility and honoured her by sexual rituals. In every important city there was a temple of the goddess of love where so called sacred prostitutes were serving. They chose the goddess as their profession and were highly appreciated in society with a good reputation and status. Their children had the right to inherit property. But there were also common women who served in the temple. According to the Greek historian Herodotus who lived 500 years B.C. it was a Babylonian habit that every woman stayed in the temple once in her life and experienced coitus with a stranger. It was considered a sacred act and if it brought a child woman´s husband accepted it his as a gift from the goddess. The whole act of temple service was never considered humiliating but an honour in fact.
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