Tantric Massage is not a counselling session

I am constantly surprised by heterosexual female practitioners offering this experience to heterosexual women. To me it appears to be a deep misunderstanding of sexuality bodyworks. There are many ways sexuality can be addressed – psychology, Tantra workshops, counselling, educative media – where, indeed, a woman helping a woman makes sense in a “me too” way. A sensual massage, however, is not a lecture or a counselling session – it is about feeling real sexual energy and sexual response in the body and out of the mind. It is not just about understanding and relating, it is about being able to give a client an actual experience of sexual energy expansion and guide it.

A Tantric massage works with the common sense response of sexual energy in the person who receives it. Sexual energy will only flow along its natural sexual orientation lines. If you are mainly or exclusively heterosexual, you will have little useful response while working with a woman.
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