Why Tantric massage wouldn’t work for you with a woman

You will not feel any significant aliveness of sexual energy when you are touched by a woman. Your body is not a machine, it’s not just about touching mechanically in certain places. There has to be a natural flux and magnetism of male and female energies to make you respond, if you are heterosexual. Yes, it may be exactly the same massage but just the fact that it is a man touching you will make your energy respond in a completely different, natural and powerful way, than if you are touched by a woman.

In fact, getting it from a woman may turn out to be a confusing experience. You may think that going to a man for this kind of massage is unnatural and uncomfortable – but going to a woman is even more unnatural for you. Instead of receiving helpful progress in what matters – your response to male energy – you are forced to explore something irrelevant – your response to women. (Again, unless homosexual relationships is exactly what you want to explore). You may end up laying there wondering whether you should enjoy being touched sexually by a woman, and what does it all mean. Not only may it cancel out any benefits of Tantric massage, it may also leave you in a state of confusion. This is not a woman-to-woman counselling, this is sexual energy journey. Feeling more relaxed with a woman has nothing at all to do with sexual expansion or healing – what you need is your ability to connect to being touched by a man and being with a woman is a completely unrelated experience, not even as a stage.
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